Protesters gather at S. Domingos square in Lisbon, after a 39 year old black man Bruno Candé was gunned down in broad day light by a 76 year old white man, on the 25th July.


More than three thousand people live in Bairro do Torrão, in Trafaria, Almada with a previleged view over the city of Lisbon. 

It began to form illegally about 40 years ago, the condition remains.


Every winter some of the houses on the frontline get destroyed in higher tides.


Second Best 


Portugal, General Election, Rui Rio, PSD  earned second place with 27,76% votes and electing 79 deputies.


Belany,16 years old with her one year old son. 

In Portugal, an average of six teenagers give birth every day.


An unidentified Taxi driver cruises through a busy Lisbon street.

Religious images attire the dashboard, crucifixes hang from the rearview-mirror and the radio is tuned in a a religious station, the clock shows 17:40, nearly mass hour.

This image taken between assignments led me to report on Portugal´s biggest religious event:

Fatima´s annual international pilgrimage.​




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  2. WTF 2020?


Figaro's is a men only old school barbershop in Lisbon.

Specialized in classic haircuts from 1920's to 1950's and hot towel straight razor shaves, the barbershop is located in Chiado, the city´s cultural and bohemian heart.





The State of Emergency has been declared in Portugal for the first time in Democracy, by President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, on March 18th as a response for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As many photographers I had to figure out an alternative way to cope with being locked for long periods of time.

Lisboa 2020